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Child’s play

Children’s muscles and cognitive skills can only be developed through play. This clip discusses five different types of play children need to obtain maximum development so  they don’t struggle in their teenage years and in adulthood.

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About Thato Motaung

Thato Motaung is a journalist and budding radio producer. She completed her BA degree in print production and organisational psychology at the University of Cape Town and will complete her honours degree in journalism and media studies at Wits University in 2011. In 2010, she wrote, designed and edited a magazine title, Beautiful Black Soul, for her undergraduate research project. The magazine aimed to empower, teach and entertain young black women. Linda Mabena, lawyer and online magazine editor of Africa Be, featured on the cover. Thato is curious about the world and has a special interest in social development as well as music and the arts.

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