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Statuesque splendour

Johannesburg is a city that is not often heralded for its aesthetics and yet
there is beauty in abundance for those who are willing to look.

Statues represent a celebration of what cannot be moved or changed. They
capture a moment in time as well as individuals who have helped shape those
moments. They are immovable, they are solid and they are beautiful.

I have chosen a few statues representing different themes that we, as South
Africans, all feel. Some of these celebrate individuals, like Brenda
Fassie outside the Bassline in Newtown, while others merely capture the
spirit of Ubuntu — like the abstract national flag.

Some can be interpreted as a reminder of history, such as the wooden heads in
chains. Others, like the old mining machine,s remind us of why we are here; still
others aim to look forward like William Kentridge’s fire walker.

Statues can be celebrated like any other art form and we are lucky to
possess many beautiful pieces of work in the CBD. We just have to look for

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About Daniel Gallan

Daniel Gallan has a BA in English and psychology. He is a sport and music enthusiast.

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