I plan on seeing the world!!!

But until then this is a little piece of mine.

Luckie Entertainment Brand Activation!!!

Last October the world record for the world’s biggest pillow fight was broken. This year Luckie Entertainment made a plan to beat that and here is how it panned out. See Story Board for activation plan.   The idea was to first create a major hype around the event with out giving too much information, but just enough to get… Read more →

Gallery: My Empire State Dream!!!

My bucket list has always been long, but once my first destination was ticked off, WELL!!!! that was me I was wonderlust struck . Today my bucket list is never ending. New York has been at the top of my list since i was a young girl and i truly believe I left a little piece of my heart, in… Read more →

10 Of The Best Markets In Joburg!!!

Nothing quit like spending a weekend out doors, and for me a great way to do that is with markets. Joburg is filled with some of the best markets where one can shop for all types of thing whether it be unique pieces of jewelry, antiques or fresh produce. So when you are keen on a day out some where… Read more →