Day 2!!!

So day two…. And I haven’t jumped off anything just yet.


This coarse is defiantly proving to be harder than I thought, I won’t lie I walked into this thinking it would be Twitter updates and Facebook posts, this however was not the case.


We were all thrown into the deep end of this pool but really I have no doubt that every person in this room will get it right. From side bar, social icons to widgets, RSS feeds and plugins, I have officially been introduced to the digital world. No longer just a social butterfly.

This has really been a challenge, and honestly I am thoroughly enjoying every minute of it. It is quite a feeling knowing you have accomplished every task, and watching it all come together. Exciting stuff to come and looking forward to the final outcome.


I would really suggest starting up a sight. This is the age we are moving into. Your thoughts are best heard and a platform like this is the best way to start it.

So to further encourage the blogging motion see below a tutorial on how to start your own sight.



Happy BLOGGING!!!!



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