This Is My Story

Raquel De Canha

Raquel De Canha

My name is Raquel and I pretty much your typical Joburg girl.

90s kid through and through and only child, I was brought up to be independent and driven.

My passions lie in music and radio, my plan is to become a master at both.


Form a young age I was always surrounded with music my dad being a drummer, music is in my blood.

At the age of 15 I was introduced to the radio industry and haven’t looked back since.


Social is my thing and I love placing myself in all types of social spaces.


I plan on always loving what I do and being informed about my world around me. But for now I am loving every moment learning more about my beautiful city, Johannesburg, you will always be home.

A complete foodie and wanderlust struck. I know that if my life has travel, good company, great food, and the perfect playlist I defiantly did it right.


Welcome to my little corner of the world.



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