Wits Journalism Honours Students 2011

Ainsley Haag (147x240)Ainsley Haag
Ainsley completed her undergraduate degree at Wits University in 2010. She majored in philosophy and film studies and continued to study at Wits for an honours degree in journalism in 2011. She specialised in photojournalism and hopes to combine both writing and photography in her journalistic career.
Amogelang Mbatha (147x240)Amogelang Mbatha
Amogelang Mbatha is a journalist based in Johannesburg. She has worked as a reporter and news reader at community radio station, Voice of Wits (VoW 90.5FM). She has written articles for and edited an issue of the Wits journalism programme’s campus newspaper, Vuvuzela, while studying towards a BA honours degree in journalism and media studies in 2011. Amogelang graduated with a BCom finance degree from the same university. She has aspirations to produce and host a financial journalism television show. She hopes the show will deliver rigorous debate based on sound knowledge and understanding of the financial markets and business on a par with international standards.
Anelisa Ngewu (140x240)Anelisa Ngewu
A love of writing and reading drew Anelisa Ngewu to journalism. The former BSc student completed her Honours in Biochemistry at the University of Stellenbosch in 2008, but decided to follow her lifelong obsession with words. In 2011, she registered for an Honours degree in Journalism and also discovered a love for photography and television. She will use the skills she has learnt as the basis for the media empire she will one day own, and will merge her two fields of knowledge by using the media as a platform for science.
Brendan Roane (152x240)Brendan Roane
Brendan Roane is an aspiring journalist with a love of print news. He received his bachelor of arts degree in English and psychology at Wits University before embarking on an honours degree in journalism. Brendan has a desire to cover a wide variety of stories and never to stick to one field or beat. His interests include music, travel and writing.
Daniel Gallan (183x240)Daniel Gallan
Daniel Gallan has a BA in English and psychology. He is a sport and music enthusiast.
Dhirta Jinabhai (144x240)Dhirta Jinabhai
Dhirta Jinabhai graduated with a BA in media studies and English literature from Wits University before embarking on her honours in journalism. She has worked with online media and enjoys the production side of television. She has always been interested in the media and writing stories that highlight human interests.
Enos Phosa (153x240)Enos Phosa
Enos Phosa holds a bachelor of arts degree from Wits University, with international relations and sociology majors. His keen interest in reading and writing about political and socio-economic issues has led him to pursue a career in journalism. During his honours degree he acquired video shooting and editing skills to enhance his storytelling abilities. Some of his other areas of interest are sports, travel and motoring.
Hasina Gori (188x240)Hasina Gori

Hasina is currently completing her Honours in Journalism and holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Communication Science. Her love for art led her to illustrate various children’s books. She loves chasing paper trails and was the news anchor for a community radio station in Durban.  Hasina was part of the media team that went to Egypt with Cosatu in 2009 and she aspires to be a war correspondent in the future.

Mignionette_de_Bruin (151x240)Mignionette de Bruin
Mignionette completed her undergraduate degree in financial journalism at the University of the Free State in 2010. She then went on to do her honours degree in journalism and media studies at Wits University. She specialised in photojournalism but fell in love with editing and designing. This is also the direction in which she hopes to steer her career after university. Brilliant photography excites her as well as the thrill of editing an article to near perfection.
Mpho Raborife (169x240)Mpho Raborife
Mpho Raborife is a Rhodes University graduate. She majored in philosophy and journalism & media studies. She has completed her honours in Journalism at the University of Witwatersrand. She is interested in international affairs and politics but also enjoys magazine features. She has had two article published in the Mail & Guardian and aspires to learn more about the broadcasting industry. Mpho is from Dobsonville, Soweto and enjoys reading and reporting on various beats but enjoys reporting hard news. Her ultimate goal is to become a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF.
Natalia Ribeiro (173x240)Natália Ribeiro
Natália is Brazilian and did her undergrad degree in international relations at the University of São Paulo. She was an exchange student in Spain and came to Johannesburg in 2011 to do her honours in journalism and media studies at Wits University. That is how she fell in love with South Africa. She has a passion for geopolitics, travel and documentaries and hopes to work in broadcasting.
Sakeena Suliman (153x240)Sakeena Suliman
Sakeena holds an undergraduate degree in architecture from Wits University and has worked in the industry for seven years. Her interest in writing and people drove her back to university to undertake an honours in journalism. She hopes to work in the print media and focus on social situations. She has a keen interest in photography and would like to work her way into television broadcasting.
Sithandiwe Mchunu (157x240)Sithandiwe Mchunu
Sithandiwe Mchunu’s passion for media earned her a bachelor of arts degree in media studies and drama and film from the University of the Witwatersrand. Completing her journalism honours at Wits, she has fallen in love with investigative journalism, camera operation and editing visual content. She hopes to use her inquisitive side and writing skills in print media and broadcasting.
Stephanie Hodes (138x240)Stephanie Hodes
Stephanie graduated with a BA in English and international relations from the University of the Witwatersrand. Her love of words and politics inspired her to pursue a career in journalism. She has worked in the broadcasting industry, at one stage presenting the Breakfast Show on 101.9 Chai FM while completing her undergraduate degree. Her interests lie in hard news coverage, particularly the political beat. She has a special interest in the politics of the Middle East. Stephanie interned at The Jerusalem Post prior to her honours degree and plans to move to Israel where she hopes to kickstart her career in reporting.
Tebogo Mahlaela (152x240)Tebogo Mahlaela
Tebogo Mahlaela graduated with a BA in political science and law from Wits University. She chose to study honours in journalism because of her passion for writing, her ability to tease the truth out of people and her passion for facts and information. She tackles both her studies and her job as a television show host enthusiastically. She has developed a love for editing visuals and investigative journalism. She hopes to be a well-known, respected, non-biased journalist.
Thato Motaung (146x240)Thato Motaung
Thato Motaung is a journalist and budding radio producer. She completed her BA degree in print production and organisational psychology at the University of Cape Town and her honours degree in journalism and media studies at Wits University in 2011. In 2010, she wrote, designed and edited a magazine title, Beautiful Black Soul, for her undergraduate research project. The magazine aimed to empower, teach and entertain young black women. Linda Mabena, lawyer and online magazine editor of Africa Be, featured on the cover. Thato is curious about the world and has a special interest in social development as well as music and the arts.
Tshepo Tshabalala (142x240)Tshepo Tshabalala
Tshepo Tshabalala has recently completed a BA honours in journalism and media studies at the University of the Witwatersrand. Tshepo graduated from the Tshwane University of Technology with a national diploma in journalism, specialising in broadcast journalism (TV and radio). He is also co-founder and blogger for Journ’Tau, writes for Unfree Media and is a reporter for Voice of Wits (VoW 90.5 FM). He is an EVA junior business fellow in Finland and a graduate of the School of Authentic Journalism in Mexico.
Yanga Soji (139x240)Yanga Soji
Yanga Soji is from Mthatha in the Eastern Cape but completed her high school education in Johannesburg in 2006. She completed a BA, majoring in media studies and international relations in 2010 and then enrolled for a career-entry journalism honours at Wits. She is curious about her world and writes about anything from sports and music to hard news. She has a strong interest in women and children’s rights and aims to change the plight of the voiceless through her journalism.