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Money, smoke and magic

Johannesburg is an assortment of people on the hustle – from those climbing the high-powered corporate ladder to entrepreneurs who make the city their playground to those who eke out an existence on its streets. Watch one of these hustlers work his magic in this video. Introducing “Cobra”: a magician who claims to be the panacea to his audience’s problems.

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About Anelisa Ngewu

A love of writing and reading drew Anelisa Ngewu to journalism. The former BSc student completed her Honours in Biochemistry at the University of Stellenbosch in 2008, but decided to follow her lifelong obsession with words. In 2011, she registered for an Honours degree in Journalism and also discovered a love for photography and television. She will use the skills she has learnt as the basis for the media empire she will one day own, and will merge her two fields of knowledge by using the media as a platform for science.

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