Wits Journalism staff directly involved in the project:

Anton Harber provided visionary support and fresh exhortations to excellence when foot soldiers became weary.

Jo-Anne Richards drove the whole show with inspiration and effortless efficiency. She occasionally betrayed a hint of irritation.

Margaret Renn brought her investigative insight and inquisitiveness to the project while pulling together the department’s Power Reporting conference.

Mentors in the journalism department were complemented by:

Fred de Vries is a Dutch writer and journalist. Fred moved to South Africa in 2003 to write a biography of Beat poet Sinclair Beiles for which he received a fellowship from the Wits Institute for Social and Economic Research (WISER).

Nechama Brodie is a Johannesburg-based journalist. Nechama is the editor and author of The Joburg Book and Inside Joburg.

Ruth Becker is a multimedia journalist with a strong interest in education. She enjoyed mentoring the Wits students this year.

TJ Lemon is a freelance photographer, storyteller and photo-educationist. His awards include the World Press Photo Arts essay, CNN Africa photo category and Mondi Newspaper feature writing awards.

Antony Kaminju provided additional guidance with photography.

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