This chrome extension helps internet news readers to distinguish between a dope and dodgy news sites

NewsCredMedia Monitoring Africa (MMA) recently developed and launched a Google Chrome Web Store extension that helps detect fake news websites. After downloading the extension, internet users get information on whether a website they’re browsing is likely to contain credible or dodgy news. MMA’s head of policy, Thandi Smith shares some insights on this innovation called NewsCred.

What is the idea behind NewsCred?
For us, it’s about assisting the general public to identify credible news sources and sources that are somewhat untrustworthy or you should be warned against trusting. It’s all about looking at your dodgy sites against your more credible list of news sites.

This story was first published by the JAMLAB, a Wits Journalism project. Please click on the following link to read the full article: Innovator Q&A: Media Monitoring Africa’s Thandi Smith on NewsCred