Judges reasons

Photographs of pain and suffering and the ethical principals that guide
their representation, have to continually be continually re-examined
and challenged so that photographs remain an influential voice and
reflect the changing dynamics of society.

Aids and poverty, two inextricably linked issues, are
by far the most challenging issues that bedevil South Africa's
transformation objectives.
The winning photograph poignantly
frames the effects of Aids and symbolises consequential isolation,
desperation, loneliness, abandonment and the gaze of hopelessness and
probably death. The technical qualities of light, composition and
design have further been used to frame exceptional emotional impact.

is hoped that this award reinvigorates the obligation for all in the
media to recommit and energise innovative reportage and to give
photographers the time and space that emphasises the huge role that
photography has in increasing awareness of the devastating realities of
the pandemic.

The winning entry will be posted when available.