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Femicide in South Africa
Nechama Brodie

South Africa has one of the highest murder rates in the world, and a femicide rate that is more than five times the world average.

In this book, Dr Nechama Brodie looks at the story of femicide in South Africa over the past forty years. She interrogates police, public health and media data, exploring the history of violence against women in an entirely new way that contextualises and challenges the state and public response to what has, in reality, been a crisis for decades.

Intimacy and injury

Intimacy and injury
In the wake of #MeToo in India and South Africa

Edited by Nicky Falkof, Srila Roy and Shilpa Phadke

Through the lens of the #MeToo movement, the book tracks histories of feminist organising in both countries, while also revealing how newer strategies extended or limited these struggles. Intimacy and injury is a timely mapping of a shifting political field around gender-based violence in the global south. In proposing comparative, interdisciplinary, ethnographically rich and analytically astute reflections on #MeToo, it provides new and potentially transformative directions to scholarly debates this book builds transnational feminist knowledge and solidarity in and across the global south.


Babel Unbound: Rage, Reason and Rethinking Public Life

Edited by Lesley Cowling and Carolyn Hamilton

This collection critically examines public discussion today, but looks beyond the current moment of perceived crisis to demonstrate how public engagements have historically operated. This is not simply as debating forums of a static public sphere, but through circulating in a variety of networks, emerging and disappearing, sometimes hibernating in the byways of discussion, sometimes gathering force in public.

Intimacy and injury

Farm Killings in South Africa 

Dr Nechama Brodie challenges many of the myths used to narrate farm killings. She includes nearly a century of news reports, statistical data, legal cases and expert research on violence on farms, including violence experienced by farm labourers and in black communities surrounding mostly white-owned farmlands. 

Farm Killings in South Africa provides a compelling and heart-breaking record of the reality of violence in South Africa.