THE SABC wants returned a confidential report in the possession of the Sunday Times that informed a frontpage story on "mass corruption and gross mismanagement" at the state broadcaster, writes Harriet McLea in the Times.

The SABC is taking the newspaper to the South Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg today after the article, published in March, revealed the mismanagement of Matilda Gaboo, head of the SABC's international programme acquisition division.

Gaboo, the article said, "is alleged to have wasted at least R49-million in two years on overpayments and TV programmes that were not screened".

The SABC's lawyer, PJ van Blerk, will today tell the court why the report should be handed back.

In papers filed with the court, Van Blerk said: "The report is a highly confidential preliminary one which contains allegations and conclusions of a defamatory nature against various individuals."

The SABC also wants to "retain confidentiality" and claims it is "entitled to obtain its return".

But in responding papers, Sunday Times Advocate Wim Trengove said returning the document would "in all probability expose the identity of the source".

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