The ANC plans to oust the entire SABC board and replace it with an interim new one with former group chief executive Zwelakhe Sisulu as chairman, writes Moipone Malefane in the Sunday Times.


The Sunday Times has established that the ANC-dominated parliamentary communication portfolio committee is waiting for President Kgalema Motlanthe to sign into law the amended Broadcasting Bill before it recommends that the current board be dissolved.

A board member said yesterday that the “board won’t take the matter lying down” and would almost certainly fight the move in court.

The ANC wants the current board dissolved before next year’s elections because it believes the board — and some news executives — are giving the new breakaway party, Congress of the People, “too much airtime”.

The board, headed by Khanyisiwe Mkonza, is also seen in ANC circles to be the creation of former president Thabo Mbeki, who appointed the members within days of his defeat in Polokwane. He and his former head of the presidency in the ANC, Smuts Ngonyama, have been accused of railroading at least four names of people who were never on the parliamentary short list of preferred candidates for the new board.

The Broadcasting Amendment Bill passed by parliament this week provides for the removal of the board or its members by a resolution of the national assembly.

Removal of a board member from office after a finding to that effect by a committee of the national assembly and the adoption by the national assembly of a resolution calling for that member’s removal from office.

The national assembly to dissolve itthe board by adopting a resolution recommending its disbandment if the board fails to discharge its fiduciary duties, carry out its duties and adhere to the broadcasting charter.

In parliament earlier this year, the ANC declared a vote of no confidence in the SABC board and its MPs wanted the board dismissed. They were, however, prevented by the Broadcasting Act, which did not allow this.

The communication portfolio committee, together with the ANC, is understood to have approached Sisulu to head the new board. The ANC is also keen to have the former head of radio news, Pippa Green, take over her old position again. It is not clear whether she has been approached or not.

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