A car distributor tweeted that women in South Africa take home more than a quarter less than their male counterparts. The statistic is mostly correct.

“Women earn 27% less than men,” the South African distributor of Korean car maker Hyundai recently tweeted.

Based on this disparity, Hyundai South Africa offered 100 South African women a R27,000 discount (about USD$2,000) on a new car.

A number of people questioned the statistic. “I wonder who’s this feminist who came up with this false info,” tweeted one person.

“This is a myth. We are paid equal for the same job, and it is illegal if this discrimination occurs,” offered another.

Is this statistic based on sound research? We set out to investigate.

This story was first published by the Africa Check, a Wits Journalism project. Please click on the following link to read the full article: Do South African women earn 27% less than men?