Taco Kuiper Grants

Taco Kuiper Grants are made to encourage investigate journalism in South African print media. A fund of up to R350 000 is available annually. Grants are available for print journalists or print publications seeking pre-publication help for investigative reporting of public interest. Any amount will be considered.

The grants are made by the Valley Trust and administered by Wits Journalism in memory of the late publisher Taco Kuiper

The Rules

The fund only accepts projects, including book projects, dealing with contemporary issues that affect South Africa. The fund will not award educational scholarships or grants for professional training. Applications can be from individuals, teams of individuals or a publication.

All decisions on grants will be undertaken by a panel whose members will be appointed jointly by the Valley Trust and Wits Journalism. This panel will have sole and final discretion on the grants as well as the criteria used and any conditions attached to them. Recipients will be required to sign a grant agreement with the fund which stipulates the work to be done, a timeframe and budget.

Recipients will be required to report on the progress, outcome and expenditure of the project, to provide copies of all published material and to document the proper use of funds.

The fund will accept no responsibility for the work produced or the conduct of the grantee, but will retain the right to use any material published as a result of a grant for publicity and promotional purposes providing due accreditation is given to the individuals and organisations responsible for the work.

The Fund will ask publishers/journalists to give credit to the Fund when material is published as the result of a grant.

How to apply

There is no application form. The applicant must write a letter which sets out the subject to be investigated, how and when the work will be undertaken, why the support of the fund is required and a budget. The letter should be supported by a short resumé for each individual involved and, wherever possible, a letter of commitment from an editor or publisher to consider publishing the final product.

All applications will be treated in the strictest confidence. Write to Taco Kuiper Grants ijw@journalism.co.za. For queries email anton@harber.co.za.

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