AWARD-WINNING actor Sello Maake ka Ncube is eight days into his hunger strike in protest at the SABC's cutting of local content – and says he will keep going even if it means "suffering from malnutrition", writes Gabisile Ndelebe in The Times.

The veteran actor told The Times yesterday that he had stopped eating on Tuesday last week and that he was ready to go for 30 days without eating in the hope of persuading the government to pressure the SABC into broadcasting more locally produced shows.

Maake ka Ncube said he had been inspired by the Television Industry Emergency Coalition's hunger strike campaign. He was particularly moved by the example set by a 23-year-old production assistant, Zamambo Tshabalala, ''who reached her 30 days last week''.

The protest started almost two months ago, when US producer Michael Lee stopped eating to demand ''transparency and partnership'' from the SABC. Soon after, five other people in the film industry went on hunger strike.

Maake ka Ncube, who is only drinking water, said: "I have had enough of these policies that have also affected many actors in the past.

"I am on my eighth day today and it scares me how I have adjusted to living without food. I sit there and wonder why should I eat, and think of ways to better this industry.

''The aim is to do this for 30 days, but if there is no change by then, I am going to continue, even if it means I must suffer from malnutrition, as long as it gives the government a wake-up call."

Though not eating, he continues to work and went on a shoot for Scandal! yesterday.

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