ZIMBABWE police have released farmer Ben Freeth and an Aljazeera television crew an hour after arresting them on Monday, writes Moses Mudzwiti in The Times.

Police claimed the television crew had strayed into a sealed-off crime scene at Mount Carmel Farm, in Chegutu, about 100km west of the capital, Harare.

Freeth was reportedly showing the television crew his burnt-out house and was explaining what had happened when the police arrived.

Laura Freeth yesterday said neither her husband nor the film crew were charged .

"They let him go after an hour," said Laura, the daughter of Mike Campbell, who co-owns Mount Carmel Farm with the Freeths.

Campbell's house was also destroyed by fire, a few days after Freeth's.

The police have not arrested anyone for arson, but are said to be on the verge of accusing Campbell and Freeth of unlawful possession of weapons of war.

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