In line with the growing relations between the Eritrean Information
Ministry and the Aljazeera Network stationed in Doha, Qatar, the two
sides concluded media agreement aimed at strengthening the
ties and exchange of experience, according to a report on

In accordance with the agreement concluded in the Eritrean Ministry of Information, both parties would exchange programs and news information, besides sharing experience in various media spheres and organizing training courses.

The agreement was signed by Mr. Asmelash Abraha, director general of ERI-TV, and Mr. Khanfar, Director General of the Aljazeera Network.

Meanwhile, Mr. Wadah conducted a seminar for staff members of the Information Ministry at the Hager Media Hall under the title "The Secret Behind Aljazeera's Success." He indicated that the factors that ensure success of media works are the pursuit of clear vision and dedicated work spirit rather than having big budget and resources. Mr. Wadah further explained that media activities that give priority to the interests of the audience and not getting swayed by events and cherish professional competence, political awareness, experience and team work could win credibility, and that this is the path Aljazeera has been pursuing.

Stating that media professionalism involves shouldering heavy responsibility in leading and directing the people, he pointed out that familiarizing with the aspirations, culture, feelings, structural makeup and history of specific audience is decisive, and that performing media activities short of these factors is doomed to failure. In this respect, Mr. Wadah cited the failure of the United States in Afghanistan and Iraq as an example.

Moreover, the Aljazeera Network director general stated that as the Eritrean people have undergone through liberation struggle, they have the advantage of understanding the prevailing reality and global scenario. He also indicated that the tour he conducted in the Information Ministry has enabled him to witness the existing competent and dedicated manpower.

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