The SA National Editors Forum (Sanef) condemns the targeting
and naming of several individual journalists from a variety of
KwaZulu-Natal media organizations during a speech by senior ANC
office-bearers at the Ethekweni regional general Council meeting at the
weekend, according to a release.
SANEF is also concerned about the resolution made relating to the role of the media, in which it was noted:” the consistent fabrication of facts by some journalists known to be unleashing a vicious attack on the leadership of our movement.”

While the media does not claim to be perfect, there are editors and channels of communication in every newsroom, should organisations want to query a particular story.

There is also the avenue of a complaint to The Press Ombudsman, whose office takes claims of inaccurate reporting very seriously and ensures that the print media makes public corrections and apologies if they have erred. 

Attacking journalists by name at a meeting of influential people is tantamount to intimidation of working journalists and is an unacceptable way of addressing any perceived concerns. It is the media's job to report freely and fairly on matters of public interest, and they must be allowed to do so.

We call on the organization to take this development seriously given the past history of this province and the harsh and brutal physical and verbal attacks on journalists.