Animal lovers are furious about a trailer for The Coconuts sitcom — which shows the characters “cooking” a cat., writes gabisile Ndebele in The Times,

The promo , depicting a sequence in the show where a character is having a bad dream, was flighted on M-Net two weeks ago.

It shows a female cast member in a kitchen with a Chinese baby.

When her husband questions what she is doing, the woman says she’s cooking for the child. She then pulls out what appears to be a hairy leg from the pot.

Neighbours then emerge, looking for their cat … inferring that the woman was cooking it.

One of the hundreds of complainants said: “Animal abuse is no form of amusement … We as animal lovers find it disrespectful and utterly pathetic.”

M-Net’s head of content, Helen Smit, said yesterday that the promotion was canned due to the barrage of complains.

“Out of respect for the viewers, and to ensure that the promo does not create the wrong perception, we removed it from circulation immediately after receiving complaints,” she said.

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