A Zimbabwean court has released a US journalist and a British national
on bail after charging them with reporting on the March 29 elections
without accreditation, writes Torby Muturikwa.

"They have both been released on 300 million dollars bail," lawyer Harrison Nkomo said after the court appearance.
New York Times correspondent Barry Bearak, 58, and the unnamed 45-year-old British national have been told to reappear in court for a routine remand and ordered to stay in Harare.
The pair were arrested at York Lodge on April 4 and spent four nights behind bars.
Bearak, who won a Pulitzer prize in 2002 for his reporting from Afghanistan, has been ordered to stay at the US embassy.
The Briton has been remanded in hospital following injuries sustained when he slipped while in custody.
Armed policemen stormed York Lodge and arrested the two journalists who are being charged for breaching the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act, AIPPA.
Under the law, it is an offence to practice journalism without a license from the government regulator, the Media and Information Commission.
Zimbabwean authorities barred most foreign media from covering 29 March presidential, parliamentary and municipal elections.
A number of international news organisations such the BBC, CNN, MSNBC and South African terrestrial broadcaster e.tv were banned from covering the elections.
However a number of news organisations, including the BBC, have been filing reports from correspondents operating under cover.
The Zimbabwe Electoral Commisison is yet to release the results of the Presidential election, almost two weeks after polling.