The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) recently filmed a television
series in Namibia where eight obese Britons were sent to live with a
San community, according to a report in The Namibian.

Sara Ramsden, the creative director of Cheetah Television which produced 'Fat Men Can't Hunt', told the Australian Associated Press that the four men and four women collectively lost about 76 kg.

A similar series will now be filmed in Australia, where obese British teenagers will be dropped into the harsh outback, where they will have to hunt with Aborigines for food.

The makers of 'Fat Teens Can't Hunt' are talking to Aboriginal groups who will teach the youngsters how to trap, kill, gather and cook "bush tucker" for the BBC show.

Common Aboriginal food includes kangaroos and emus, witchetty grubs, lizards, snakes and moths.

The series will feature five boys and five girls aged 16 to 19 in six one-hour episodes.

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