THE Broadcasting Complaints Commission of SA has rejected complaints
about an Oprah show that discusses how mothers should talk to their
daughters about sex, according to a report on

The BCCSA received complaints from three people, who said the show, broadcast on June 30, contained explicit sexual information during a time when children would be expected to be part of the audience.

The show featured Dr Laura Berman, who said mothers should give their daughters as much information about sex as possible from the ages of 10 onwards. She spoke of how girls, especially in the US, were used to giving oral sex to boys from a young age. The show featured pictures of female and male sex organs.

“I was disgusted to switch on the TV… during family viewing prime time, to find Oprah Winfrey hosting Dr Laura Berman, explaining very explicitly about sex and how parents should be having this discussion with their children,” said complainant Bridgit Atkins.

“This programme should have been shown at a later time, after children have gone to bed, giving parents the option to record the programme and view with their child if that is their choice — the warning after every advert break is not sufficient. ”

But the commission said the show carried very clear PG13 warnings.

“These advisories were visual as well as verbal,” said BCCSA commissioner Lynda Gilfillan in the judgment, which was released yesterday.

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