The Broadcasting Complaints Commission of SA has dismissed a hate speech complaint against Radio Islam, according to a report on

In a broadcast on April 3, the announcer "made verbal attacks on Jews", the complaint to the commission read.

The complainant said it was stated on air that Jews "could not be trusted" and would be "chastised when judgment comes".

The broadcast advocated racial hatred, the complainant said.

But the commission found the bounds of "bona fide" religious speech had not been overstepped in this instance.

"Bona fides relates to the question as to whether the broadcast was indeed, according to objective standards, a genuine expression of bona fide religious belief.

"Ultimately, to decide otherwise, would amount to a rejection of the inherent and often vehement differences among religions, and other similar viewpoints and expressions of opinion as protected by section 15 of the constitution," the commission ruled.

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