Boikaego Dolphus Seadir

Boikaego Dolphus  Seadira is the  DevCom  lecturer  in the department of Wits Journalism and Media. The Development Communication is a   Programme which examines new ways of interacting with journalists, as well as utilising social media platforms, speeches and publications to directly involve people in development their initiatives.

Prior coming to Wits, Boikaego  Dolphus Seadira was a tutor at the University of South Africa (UNISA) . He was also engaged in community radio’s content development and broadcasting, strategic marketing and community outreach programmes at Mahikeng Fm in the North West.

Boikaego provided consulting services to:

  • (i) Government Communication and Information System on ICTs for rural development in the North West,
  • (ii)  the North West University Vaal campus radio and
  • (iii) the Central University of Technology campus radio.

He translated annual reports for the North West Provincial government’s Social Development. Boikaego has Masters in Development Communication and New Media. He also chaired an NPO focusing on ICTs and for rural development which was borne out of his Masters project.

Despite teaching and coordinating the DevCom Programme, Boikaego is working on his PhD with the NWU; his thesis is focusing on Broadband Policy and Regulation.