A CANADIAN diplomat who spat at a journalist and a Tanzania police officer on different occasions has been recalled, but the mediaman is demanding justice, writes Dennis itumbi for jocoza.

Jean Touchatte, 48, spat at the two on December 9 in Dar es Salaam. The Canadian Embassy ordered the diplomat to leave and expressed regret at his actions.

Habari Leo a popular newspaper in Tanzania reported that, "Touchatte first spat at Corporal Samson and later did the same to Jerry Muro, a journalist with Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation."

Muro expressed dissatisfaction with the Canadian Embassy’s decision to send the diplomat packing and said he should have been made to face the law.

Speaking to journalism.co.za, Muro said, “I dont think its right, justice should be done. Recalling him is just one step, but it does not mean the matter is settled. I will request the police to withhold his passport.”

The Inspector General of Police, Said Mwema, condemned the humiliation of the police officer and the journalist and said that his office was investigating the incident.

The diplomat spat on Corporal Samson while the officer was on duty controlling traffic in Banana, Ilala District.

Touchatte was being questioned by traffic police in Dar es Salaam when several reporters arrived, including Muro. That was when he spat at the journalist.