Since its launch in November 2018, 300,000 conversations have been started on rAInbow, an artificial intelligence companion designed to help domestic abuse victims.

rAInbow is a smart companion for domestic abuse victims, people in difficult or abusive, controlling situations and unhealthy relationships. The chatbot uses artificial intelligence and storytelling (platform provides the users with personalised, immersive stories of characters who may have had similar experiences) to help victims of domestic violence find support through prevention, intervention and access to resources. The platform is hoping to provide South African domestic abuse victims with a safe space to speak out about their situations.

rAInbow was built by a UK based company AI for Good which uses next-generation technologies to make the world a “better, fairer world”. The Sage Foundation is the founding partner.

Founder of AI for Good and rAInbow, Kriti Sharma answers some questions about the chatbot.

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