Civil society
The South African National NGO Coalition, (SANGOCO), is the largest
single umbrella body of NGOs in the Southern African region with
members working on all issues affecting South Africa’s development.
This site shows SANGOCO campaigns, highlights their “war on poverty”,
shows SANGOCO media publications and shows their policy and research.
This website contains a series of national public surveys on issues
such as democracy, markets and civil society in Africa. The
Afrobarometer measures and compares the social, political and economic
atmosphere in over a dozen African countries.
This is the homepage for The Centre For Public Integrity: Investigative
journalism in the public interest. Their mission is to produce original
investigative journalism about significant public issues to make
institutional power more transparent and accountable. Find useful
research tools and information about their projects on this website.

Human Rights
This is the website of the South African Institute of Race Relations
(SAIRR). The SAIRR promotes constitutional and economic liberalism in
South Africa. Comment, news releases and publications related to this
can be viewed through this website.
This is the Digital Freedom Network’s website. Digital Freedom Network
(DFN) is a non-profit group that seeks to promote human rights as an
attainable goal for all countries. This website provides information
about current events, literature on freedom and examples of breaches of
human rights

Freedom House
Freedom House, a non-profit, nonpartisan organization, is a voice for
democracy and freedom around the world. Their website provides
information on advocacy, programs and various publications.
This is the Human Rights Watch website on Africa. This page provides links to reports and stories from around Africa.
Journalists for Human Rights (JHR) are a charitable organisation that
uses the power of the media to combat human rights abuses, this is done
by building the capacity of the media to report effectively on human
rights issues. This website contains country profiles, publications,
African newspapers and useful links.

Children Issues
This is an article done by the Standard newspaper about Kenyan
journalists lobby to improve the quality of reporting on children
issues in the media.
Human Rights Watch collection of articles and information about the America’s, ie particularly South America.
Business & Human Rights Resource Centre is a leading independent
resource on the subject of human rights. This website contains
news and reports about over 3000 companies’ human rights impacts. It is
a guide to companies of the world and their human rights records.
This is the Media Institute of Southern Africa’s website. MISA primary
aim is to promote the free flow of information and co-operation between
media workers, as a principal means of nurturing democracy and human
rights in Africa. The site provides information about campaigns,
exchange programmes, events, jobs and media releases.

The Contact Trust Parliamentary Directory
is public information
source put together to allow ordinary citizens access and knowledge of their parliamentarians.
The aim of the resource is to increase the clarity on Members of parliament’s
activities and profiles for the benefit of the civil society which is usually
kept in the dark on most things by those whose represent them in parliament. To
be found on this website is information on MP activities, their parliamentary
and political history, parliamentary committee membership, education, personal
interests as well as general information such policy and contact details.

International Organisations

This is the home of MediaWise. The MediaWise Trust provides advice,
information, research and training on media ethics. MediaWise (formerly
PressWise), is an independent charity, supported by journalists, media
lawyers and politicians in the UK.
News and information, learning resources, and training works are
available on the News University website. Information about upcoming
and past courses is also available. News University is committed to
helping journalists grow in their craft. We want to serve journalists
throughout the world.

The Netherlands Institute for Southern Africa website (NiZA)
contains news, current affairs and recent publications on and about
Southern Africa. NiZA evolved from the anti-apartheid movement
declaring its solidarity with the people of southern Africa, seeking to
help them find structural solutions in their fight against poverty,
injustice and inequality.
This is the online site of the Philippine Centre for Investigative
Journalism (PCIJ). New and old reports are found here. PCIJ is an
independent, nonprofit media agency that specializes in investigative
The Southern African Development Community (SADC) website contains SADC
news, information about the community and the secretariat, a calendar
and key documents.
This site is dedicated to the Speak Silence campaign. At, people sign up to support victims of human rights
abuses. This campaign is brought to you by Journalists for Human Rights
(JHR). Links to JHR chapters, JHR projects and a message board is found
on this site.
This is the official website of the United Nations (UN). UN daily
briefing, press releases, documents, maps and UN works are all
available on this site. It also includes information on issues such as
peace and security, economic and social development, human rights,
humanitarian affairs and international law.
News, resources and information about grants are found on The Fund for
Investigative Journalism website. The Fund for Investigative Journalism
gives grants, ranging from $500 to $10,000, to reporters working
outside the protection and backing of major news organisations.
This site was launched to unite Caucasus journalists’ efforts against
human trafficking, corruption, illegal business of narcotics, health
care problems, regional conflicts and other problems existing in
Caucasus. Caucasus Media Investigations Center was established by
several Azerbaijani and Georgian journalists.

Press Freedom

The World Press Freedom Review 2005.
The annual IPI World Press Freedom Review examines the state of the
media in over 180 countries, territories and administered areas,
documenting press freedom violations and major media developments all
over the world. Divided into specific regions, each report provides a
comprehensive overview of the year's events and may be contrasted with
the events of previous years.

This website belongs to the Green Party of South Africa. THE GREEN
PARTY OF SOUTH AFRICA, like Green Parties in other countries, is just a
political division of GREEN, a worldwide plan to save the planet by
coordinating the activities of environmental and social upliftment
groups and people all over the world.