Position Title: Multi-Media and Stakeholder Engagement Specialist
Location/Area: Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (COGTA) Pretoria
Position Reporting To: Chief Director: Urban Policy
Start Date: ASAP / 01 January 2019

The South African Cities Network (SACN) was established in 2002 by the Minister for Provincial and Local Government (now known as Cooperative Governance), in collaboration with the mayors of South Africa’s largest cities and the South African Local Government Association (SALGA), as an independent Section 21 company with the mandate to:

  • Promote good governance and management in South African cities;
  • Analyse strategic challenges facing South African cities, particularly in the context of global economic integration and national development challenges;
  • Collect, collate, analyse, assess, disseminate and apply the experience of large city government in a South African context; and
  • Promote shared-learning partnerships between different spheres of Government to support the management of South African cities.

SACN is currently on its fourth 5-year strategy for the 2016-2021 period. A summary of the strategy is available on the SACN website (http://www.sacities.net/about-sacitiesnetwork/strategic-plans). The main activities of SACN towards achieving its strategic and functional objectives in this period will continue to be knowledge generation, dissemination and application support towards enabling:

  • Shared learning as the basis of inter-city and multi-stakeholder partnerships;
  • Updating leaders and policy-processes on current and emerging changes and trends in urban policy nationally and internationally; and
  • Promoting innovation and strategic thinking/action between cities and other governance actors.

The core thematic areas of the SACN focus on the city as a productive, well-governed, sustainable and inclusive space. The work of the SACN aims to assist and guide cities to become effective drivers of local and national development within a context where the rapid growth of city populations requires increased service delivery and improved city governance. In particular, the State of Cities Report 2016 forms an important basis for benchmarking and reporting on the performance of South Africa’s cities in relation to the strategic priorities previously identified by the SACN.

SACN is seeking to appoint a Multi-Media and Stakeholder Engagement Specialist who will seconded to the Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (COGTA) offices in Pretoria for a fixed term period of twelve (12) months. This position reports to the Chief Director: Urban Policy Manager: Governance and Communications and will be responsible for the planning, development and delivery of IUDF internal and external communications through multiple online platforms, as well as develop and deliver robust stakeholder mobilisation and engagement strategies and plans.

Key Responsibility Areas
SACN seeks to appoint a Multi-Media and Stakeholder Engagement Specialist whose role would include:
Typical outputs from the role would include:

Assisting with implementing the IUDF Communication Strategic and Plan.
• Maintaining the IUDF main site as well as micro and associated websites.
• Project Management of content for updating media platforms.
• Drafting and distribution of IUDF newsletter.
• Develop Communication Tools for online media and relevant branding opportunities for growing IUDF
presence and reach.
• Management of all Communication platforms.
• Develop, consult and support COGTA (and IUDF partners) on implementing a focused stakeholder
mobilisation, engagement and partnering strategy

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