Newspaper columnist David Bullard, shot during an armed robbery at his Parktown North, Johannesburg, home, is an angry man, writes Gill Gifford in The Star.

Bullard, who pens the Out to Lunch column in the Sunday Times, was attacked along with his wife Jacquie in their lounge on Wednesday night.

They were yelled at, threatened and Bullard was shot through an arm by a bullet that will remain lodged in his abdomen.

"When something like this happens, your view changes and you feel resentment. You read about this (violent crime) every day.

'The first thing you feel is fear'
"I used to carp on about being a victim in my column, feeling some empathy, but telling people to be positive. I used to believe that South Africa could and will still one day be the best place in the world to live in. But not this week. Not for me," he said from Milpark Hospital's intensive care unit on Thursday.

The Bullards were confronted in their lounge, as they sat reading, by two men who had barged in from their bedroom.

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