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Foreword, by Henry Jeffreys


Ch 1) First questions

2)  The South African media landscape      
Talking point: Serving the public interest, by Rehana Rossouw 

3) Accountability and practical decisionmaking    
Talking point: Readers should be more than consumers,
by Cyril Madlala      
  Case study 1: Leaks, agendas and RS452   

4)  Getting it right: accuracy       
  Talking point: Getting it right on air, by Pippa Green  
Case study 2: Lies on the pavement     
Case study 3: Paper tricked into losing its head 
Case study 3: The harder they fall    

5)   Getting all sides: fairness       
  Talking point: In defence of passion, by Anton Harber  
  Case study 5: Minister motormouth     
  Case study 6: Flat-earthers, round-earthers   
  Case study: Reporting yourself     

6)  Keeping your distance: independence     
  Talking point: Easy spinning, by Chris Vick  
  Case study 8: Stopping the messenger    
  Case study 9: The public relations editor  
  Case study 10: Bearding the boss     

7)  Writing race        
Talking point: Managing the coverage of race, By Jovial Rantao 
Case study 11: Sing a song of prejudice    
Case study 12: Hey there, big spender!    
Case study 13: arms, race     

8)  The next frontier: gender       
  Talking point: No change at the bottom of the pile,
 by NomaVenda Mathiane    
Case study 14: Classroom temptresses    
Case study 15: Judging judges     
Case study 16: The judge, the activist and the husband  

9)  Stepping on toes: public sensitivities     
  Talking point: The duty to offend, by Jon Qwelane
  Case study 17: Crude morning     
  Case study 18: A space to imagine the horror   
  Case study 19: Rape on tape      
10) Of trust and scepticism: relating to the source    
 Talking point: Sources are like a garden, by Mizilikazi wa Afrika 
 Case study 20: The word of a killer     
 Case study 21: Who used whom?     
 Case study 22: Taking the pain     

11)  My home is (not always) my castle: privacy    
Talking point: Poverty and privacy, by Ferial Haffajee  
Case study 23: The politician and the rent-boy   
Case study 24: The hidden minister     
Case study 25: Will you be my ex?     

12)  The dark side: Reporting death, Aids and trauma   
Talking point: A place for respect, by Jacob Ntshangase   
  Case study 26: Politics, Aids and reputation    
  Case study 27: The death of a dissident    
  Case study 28: The death of a right-wing dream   

13) Flying a false flag: deception     
Talking point: Truth in hidden places, by Max du Preez  
  Case study 29: Resculpting a story     
Case study 30:  A bug in the wall     
Case study 3: Sweets from strangers     

Appendix 1:  An ethics roadmap       

Appendix 2:  Discussions and exercises      

Appendix 3: Icasa code for broadcasters    

Appendix 4:  Press code of conduct      

Appendix 5:  Sunday Times accuracy check