FORMER SABC boss Dali Mpofu’s R12-million golden handshake has received unexpected backing, according to a report in The Times.

Trade union federation Cosatu, known for vociferous opposition to “excessive” salaries and bonuses paid to some top executives, said Mpofu and the interim SABC board should not be blamed for the exit package.

Cosatu spokesman Patrick Craven said yesterday that while “such expenditure is highly regrettable”, considering that the SABC expected to lose R1-billion this financial year, blame should go to the previous SABC board.

“The blame for this must be firmly placed on the shoulders of the former SABC board chaired by Kanyisiwe Mkonza, which was illegitimately appointed and was guilty of gross mismanagement.

“Mpofu can’t be blamed for exercising his rights under the Constitution and labour laws, and the interim board should be commended for resolving a difficult situation not of their own making,” Craven said.

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