THE Tanzanian government has banned two newspapers after accusing them of violating journalism ethics, writes Sadick Mtulya in the Citizen.

The decision to ban Kulikoni and Leo Tena, was announced by Information, Culture and Sports Minister George Mkuchika. Mr Mkuchika said Kulikoni, which is owned by Media Solutions, also violated the National Security law by publishing a story on the army.

He said Kulikoni was suspended for 90 days, while Leo Tena was de-registered after violating provisions in the Penal Code that prohibit the publication of obscene materials. The paper allegedly published pictures of nude lesbian women 'having sex'.

Mr Mkuchika said in November last year Kulikoni published a story with a headline: "Mdudu wa wizi wa mitihani sasa aingia jeshini" , meaning, exam cheating bug enters the army.

"The article embarrassed our army, that's why the army complained and when the registrar asked the editor to substantiate, he gave baseless explainations," said Mr Mkuchika.

"The editor was arrogant such that he told the army to form a probe committee, whose findings would be published entirely in his paper," he added. "The law prohibits anyone, who is not an army officer, to comment anything on the army," he said.

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