The IJW plans to conduct a series of three day workshops between now and the 2nd investigative journalism conference due to take place from June 5-7 in Johannesburg. The workshops will:

a. focus on key areas of concern at local government and service delivery level and will offer project based training
b. build on each other
c. take place on March 27-29 with workshops 2 and 3 to take place on April 24-26 and May 15-16 according to present planning.

A written commitment to attend all three workshops will be a prerequisite for an invitation to participate.

For efficacy reasons we will limit participation to a maximum of 10 investigative reporters. Participants will:
 have to commit to taking part in every single one of the workshops
 be expected to deliver progress reports and ultimately write at least one story based on their investigations
 be requested to present their experiences as case studies at the June conference

The first workshop is due to take place in Johannesburg from March 27-29. Deadline for applications has been extended to March 22, 9am. We shall select on the basis of the applicant’s portfolio, commitment and editorial support. So please supply with your application:
 your portfolio
 a written commitment to attend all three workshops
 a letter of support from you editor

The workshop fee is R300. Full bursaries including transport and accommodation can be applied for. For a detailed programme, go to the programme link.

Sponsored by: CIJ  |  USAID  | IDASA  |  PACT  | David and Elaine Potter Foundation