KENYA currently has no television sets capable of receiving digital signals, the Communication Commission of Kenya has said, as the first digital television transmission launches early next month, writes Jevans Nyabiage for the Daily Nation.

CCK director of frequency spectrum management, Stanley Kibe, says that many consumers have been cheated to believe that their television sets are digital signal compatible.

"There are no digital TVs in the market. While the operation of the TVs might be digital, it doesn't mean that they are able to receive digital signals. Even where digital TVs are manufactured, they are very expensive," Mr Kibe said.

Kenya Broadcasting Corporation has been licensed to relay digital transmission starting next month for Nairobi in its first phase, while targets for full switchover will be June 2012, three years earlier than the worldwide deadline of 2015.

It is said that the current analogue broadcasting consumes many frequencies, hence digital broadcasting which is more compressed will the save the country some 46 frequencies.

This is expected to attract new investments in the broadcasting sub-sector, leading to creation of new employment opportunities and bridging the digital divide.

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