Wits Journalism lecturer Dinesh Balliah will represent South Africa at the Study of the US Institute on Journalism and Media from June 2 to July 14. Balliah was nominated by the US Embassy in South Africa for this highly competitive institute which brings together 18 scholars from around the globe. The Institute, which will be based at Arizona State University in Phoenix, “is designed to provide scholars with a deeper understanding of the evolving role of journalism in providing the news and information citizens need to support democracy. The Institute explores ways technology is changing journalism, with a special focus on how social media enables both dialogue and the proliferation of misinformation. The Institute also will provide insight into the ethical practice of journalism in the digital age and emerging practices that support news literacy among citizens,” according to the Institute outline.

The institute includes a study tour to Washington DC, Los Angeles and Birmingham. Balliah is the coordinator for the career-entry BA Journalism and Media Studies class and a phd candidate.