This past
weekend, SAfm’s news bulletins unashamedly promoted the African
National Congress (ANC), giving it excessive airtime compared with
other political parties, writes Rhoda Kadalie in Business Day.

There was excessive coverage of President Thabo Mbeki's Gauteng imbizo, and on the weekend an inane interview on the media show with news chief Snuki Zikalala, in which he extolled his plans to set up a news bureau for Africa to counter BBC, CNN and Al-Jazeera. 

Consistent and anashamed punting of an ANC line has become a mark of the broadcaster, showing that the Sisulu Commission of Inquiry into the allegations of blacklisting achieved little, if anything. 

 When the state contributes to the national dumbing down of the public and uses its media to keep the public ignorant, it shouldn't be surprised when the public riots.

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