The Lesotho Telecommunications Authority has ordered the
editor-in-chief of MoAfrika FM, Candy Ramainoane, to apologize for a
statement seen as tantamount to inciting crime or public disorder,
writes Mzimkhulu Sithetho.

The ruling came after it had received a complaint from 112 people who said the statement contravened the Broadcasting Rules of 2004. On March 19, he had commented on air on a protest staged by opposition parties.

According to the LTA Public Relations Officer, Tsiu Tsiu, Ramainoane had wondered on air “why government was not using a public action to disband dogs that came its own way”.

Ramainoane also said if it had been during the one-party regime of late Leabua Jonathan or the military junta of Metsing Lekhanya, a state of emergency could have been declared.

The LTA board which heard the case asked Ramainoane to submit recordings of the six-hour broadcast but he is understood to have edited the tapes before doing so.

LTA ruled that his behaviour was not becoming and that he must apologise and withdraw the statement at specified times on air, from September 3 onwards.

Ramainoane has not so far complied, but it believed to have lodged a complaint with the ministry of communications.