Rhodes University’s Sol Plaatje Institute (SPI) for Media Leadership, Africa’s only university-level media management and leadership institute, invites practising print media managers and aspirants to attend an accredited and certificated five-day management course for newspaper leaders. The course focuses on integrated strategies for managing key elements in newspaper publishing.

The course, known as the Essentials of Newspaper Management, will run at the SPI on the following dates: 30 May- 3 June 2016, 19-23 September 2016.

The course will provide participants with insights and practical skills to help them make direct interventions in their print media and covers the following key modules: –

  • Leadership skills
  • Managing circulation
  • Managing advertising
  • Managing editorial
  • Managing the budget
  • Managing the team
  • The importance of editorial independence and media ethics

Sessions are led by industry and academic experts. We do offer the option of running the course in-house at your organization, which would eliminate the cost of travel and accommodation for participants. Please note that an in-house course will only take place if there are 16 or more participants attending the course.

The course is for newspaper managers – the new, not-so-new and aspirants who are looking for an opportunity to improve their businesses by getting the latest practical and research-based knowledge and understandings that contextualize, explain and analyze the rapidly changing print media sector and how this sector could embrace new ways of doing work and survive the market turbulence.

Our courses emphasize interactive learning and knowledge-sharing, especially learning by doing, and represent a useful platform to network with fellow newspaper managers from across Africa.

For more details on the course, please contact Yolisa at y.madzidzela@ru.ac.za or telephone her on 0466038949.

You could also visit the SPI’s website www.ru.ac.za/spi