The CHARM Consortium is working to defend civil liberties and media freedom in Africa. As part of this important work Civil Rights Defenders plans to conduct a Feminist workshop for journalists and community media personnel in South Africa.

Why is this important? Most mainstream media in Africa shows gender bias, lack of representation of women and LGBTQ+ people. A grounding in feminist theory can help those working in media and communications to address these concerns within their organisations and companies.

The feminist workshop is a space for journalists and community media personnel to bring their knowledge and experience and empower themselves by strengthening their feminist analysis.

For more information on what the training will cover, please see this workbook that will accompany the workshop.

The workshops consist of 3-days in person training, including travel and accommodation between October 19 and 21st in Johannesburg.

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Deadline: 2 September 2022

For enquiries please email: or