The Commercial Farmers Union (CFU) has threatened to take legal action against the state's mouthpiece, The Herald, after the publication ran a misleading article regarding the group's vice-president, writes Alex Bell for SW Radio.

CFU vice president Deon Theron was taken into custody on Tuesday in connection with photographing the scene of the tragic accident that claimed the life of the Prime Minister's wife. The Herald this week used Theron's arrest to question the CFU's 'involvement' in the accident, and on Tuesday ran an article titled "CFU implicated in Tsvangirai crash." The CFU has since said the article 'bears no truth' and has also stated that it will consider legal action against the paper.

Susan Tsvangirai died earlier this month in a car crash that sparked speculation that foul play was involved, and calls for an independent investigation were widespread. Theron meanwhile had been called by MDC officials shortly after the accident, and was asked to take pictures of the crash scene for an independent record, in case of a later inquiry. The MDC had contacted him as he lives near the crash scene.

Arriving before police officials Theron was initially arrested while filming at the crash site. He was released the following day, but has now been rearrested and is facing charges of 'defeating the course of justice'. His camera equipment was seized by police during the original arrest, and has not been released.

MDC policy coordinator, Eddie Cross, who personally contacted Theron after news of the crash, explained to SW Radio Africa on Thursday that he has intervened in the case against Theron, who is still being held at Harare central police station. Police officials failed to take him to court on Thursday for his bail application, which Cross said was evidence that "the case against him has collapsed because if he had been produced, the case would have been thrown out of court."