The following are some notes on financial aid that may be available to students studying at the Wits Centre for Journalism. They are subject to change, and details would need to be confirmed and checked in each case. It is not possible here to summarise all the many conditions and circumstances that may attach to particular sources of funding, individuals will have to do their own research.

A useful summary can be found here.

This is a work in progress, and details may be added as they become available.

1. Wits University has a “Financial Aid and Scholarships Office”, see here for more. For information on the university’s post-graduate funding portal, visit this page.

2. The university has Postgraduate Merit Awards (PMAs) to students on the basis of academic merit, covering part of their fees. These are awarded automatically – no application is necessary. Recipients are expected to fulfil duties in return, for a specified number of hours a week.

3. National Research Foundation funding is available for full-time study at Hons, MA and PhD level. There are age limits and other conditions. See

4. National Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences: doctoral scholarships made available annually for full-time study. See

5. Faculty and school booster funding: the Faculty of Humanities and the School of Languages, Literature and Media make booster funding available to postgraduate students. The offer is in the process of being formalised, but generally arises at the start of the academic year.

6. Wits Journalism has sometimes had project funding available to support a few students. This varies from year to year.

7. The Wits Radio Academy is able to support a few community radio practitioners to do the Advanced Radio Certificate.