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Examples of Google search queries:

Cool Google tools

Google Earth is a free, downloadable virtual globe program. It
maps the entire earth by pasting images obtained from satellite
imagery, aerial photography and GIS over a 3D globe. (

Google Local – a web-based map service that is unfortunately does not have South African roadmaps at present. (

Google Answers – enables you to pay other users to do research for you. Ask a question, set a price and wait for the answers to roll in. (

Google Catalogs – to search for items listed in product catalogs, of everything from computers to rare books. (

Gmail – a web-based email service, similar to ; etc. (

Google Groups – a Usenet archive with over a billion message postings in forums on every topic imaginable. (

Google News – an automated news aggregator that indexes news
stories from over 4,500 news websites. The index only contains the last
month's news stories, but it is an excellent resource to use when
researching what recently has been written on a subject. (

Google Translate – a translation service that can translate web
pages from English into a number of languages and vice-versa. Since it
is computer-generated, the translation is a bit sketchy, but you should
be able to get the gist of the web page. (

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