South Africa’s official website. Contains links to other important sites, including government, parliament and legislature, as well as information about specific provinces, citizens’ advice and news and information concerning South Africans living abroad.

Find profiles and detailed information on some of the South African municipalities. The South African Local Government Association (SALGA) is an organization mandated by the new South African Constitution to assist in the transformation to the new local government regime.
The Gauteng Provisional website is dedicated to news and information about and brought to you by the Gauteng government. It includes speeches and media statements and an events diary, as well as links to departments, Gauteng municipalities and legislation.
This site provides information on the management of public resources, the delivery of public services and the handling of misconduct and corruption in the Eastern Cape. The Public Service Accountability Monitor (PSAM) is an independent research and monitoring institute dedicated to strengthening democracy in South Africa.
This site is dedicated to policy news. Not only does it provide local and international news it also provides links to drafts bills, acts, policy documents, speeches and budget information.
This is the official website of the South African government providing service information, speeches and statements and information about government and government departments.
South African Government Information Website. Contains speeches, documents, acts, bills, regulations, tenders and other reports, as well as information about South Africa, its land, people, government, and leaders, etc.
This page tells you all that is happening in the government realm from events to media briefings.

Political Parties
Website for the ANC Youth League (ANCYL). Contains “Hlomelang”, the official online publication of the ANCYL, as well as links to news and documents concerning the Leagues political activities in the country.

ANC website for local elections 2006. Contains ANC local election lists as well as links to the ANC’s local election manifesto, press releases, speeches, and campaign material in all official languages.
This site belongs to the Institute for Security Studies (ISS). The ISS’s mission is to conceptualise, inform and enhance the debate on human security in Africa. This is done in order to support policy formulation and decision making at all levels. This site contains information about workshops and seminars and the various research areas of the organisation.   
This site is a comprehensive resource on the private funding of South African political parties. One can access research and publications, find information on problems in political funding, and find A Party Funding Monitor database that provides policy-makers, researchers, journalists, and political parties with a source of information with which to track the reported sources of private funding of political parties. 

SA Local Government
The Gauteng Provisional website is dedicated to news and information about and brought to you by the Gauteng government. It includes speeches and media statements and an events diary, as well as links to departments, Gauteng municipalities and legislation.
This Independent Electoral Commission’s website focuses on everything do with elections from results, voting, the voter’s role and political parties. A candidate list, information about registration as well as the election timetable is also available.

Local election processes
This is a link to a document explaining local election processes. Explanations about wards, municipalities as well as mayoral, councilor and committee roles are given.

Developmental local government website. Contains information on understanding and developing local government and municipalities around the country.

Eastern Cape
Website for the Province of the Eastern Cape. Contains links to breaking news, important policies, legislations and tenders, government services, documents and annual reports, as well as other general information about the province.

Website that contains the 2000 local election results, classified according to provinces, districts, municipalities, cities and political parties.

eThekwini Municipality
Links to the eThekwini Municipality on Durban’s official website. Contains news and information, press releases, newsletters, and other council, community, business and service related information.

South African Internet Resources
Provides links to a number of informative South African internet resources, indexed according to topic, some of which includes business and investment, education, financial and information services, government information, labour sites, as well as news and other links.

Politics and Governing Issues in SA
Provides links, information and papers on politics and governing issues in South Africa. The site can also be navigated according to other countries in Africa.

Google directory of South African local government links, including local government, election information and community tourism.

The World Bank site’s collection of learning material on local and municipal governance and finance. Contains information on past Governance and Finance (formerly Municipal Reform) learning events that have been conducted by the WBI in Latin America and the Caribbean, in Franco and Anglophone Africa, and Asia.

A PDF paper of the key findings on Urban-Rural Change in South Africa. The study was conducted by the Department for International Development (DFID) and the Programme of Advisory and support services to the DFID (PASS).

An overview of and links reports on Local corruption diagnostics and measurement tools in Africa. Consists of studies from numerous African countries including South Africa, Malawi, Benin, and Nigeria.

International Anti-Corruption Conference
Proceedings, papers, workshop reports and presentations from the International Anti-Corruption Conference.

SA Municipalities
A Wikipedia web encyclopedia article on South African municipalities and how they work.

Environmental Issues & Governance
An Earth Trends Country Profile on South African Environmental Issues and Governance. PDF document.

The Heritage Foundation’s 2006 Index of Economic Freedom for South Africa. Includes information about trade policies, fiscal burden, government intervention, foreign investment and the informal market.