The Zambian Government has written to the Post Newspapers demanding a reprint
of a correct picture and an apology over the use of a computer
generated picture showing President Rupiah Banda and former Transport
and Communications Minister Dora Siliya on the front page, according to a report in the Times of Zambia.

Information and Broadcasting Services Minister, Ronnie Shikapwasha in a letter to the newspaper's managing director, Fred Mmembe expressed the Government's displeasure at the use of a picture of President Banda on the front page in a deceptive manner.

In the letter dated May 21, 2009, Lieutenant General Shikapwasha said the sitting arrangement that the newspaper portrayed to the public in relation to the Zambia International Business Advisory Council (ZIBAC) meeting in Livingstone on Wednesday had a motive behind it.

"While we may appreciate what technology has brought to both you in the media and other people, it would be wrong to abuse it to satisfy personal agendas," he said.

He said the photographer or anybody who was at the meeting would testify that the picture published was computer generated, whereby, the president was superimposed on the position he never took at the meeting, which was that of sitting next to Ms Siliya.

Lt Gen Shikapwasha, who is chief Government spokesperson, said one wondered what the newspaper's motive was to generate such a picture.

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