The Southern African HIV and AIDS and Gender Baseline Study is the most extensive study of its kind ever to be undertaken in the region. A cornerstone of the Media Action Plan (MAP) on HIV and AIDS and Gender, the baseline study involved monitoring 37 000 news items in eleven countries of Southern Africa for a one month period. Among the wealth of information generated by this study is the fact that HIV and AIDS constitutes only 3% of total coverage in the region and that People with HIV comprise a mere 5% of news sources on the topic. The baseline study, conducted by the Media Monitoring Project (MMP) that leads the monitoring and evaluation leg of MAP, and Gender Links, responsible for the policy sub-sector of MAP, provides a key rationale for an ambitious programme to assist media houses in developing HIV and AIDS and Gender policies. MAP is led by the Southern African Editors Forum.

Regional Report: (all files are in pdf format)

Baseline Study Part 1

Baseline Study Part 2

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