THE Independent Communications Authority of South Africa is to roll out a R10-million system to monitor whether broadcasters were airing local programmes as required, according to a report on

"We are in a process of acquiring a R10-million system that will enable us to monitor that all broadcasters comply with their mandate to broadcast local programmes," said Icasa councillor Robert Nkuna on Monday.

After meeting the Television Industry Emergency Coalition (TVIEC) on Monday, Nkuna admitted that Icasa relied on broadcasters' compliance reports to determine whether they were compliant.

Icasa would be using the new system by April next year.

"The system will allow us to monitor all broadcasters 365 day of the year."

The TVIEC accused the SABC of not honouring their "mandate" to air a certain amount of local programmes per quarter.

TVIEC spokesperson Charl Blignaut said the public broadcaster provided Icasa with "summaries and occasional spot checks".

He presented Icasa with files of evidence about a lack of data accompanying SABC's local content compliance reports for the past seven years.

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