The SABC board appointments saga took a new turn yesterday with
suggestions that one of the candidates approved by the National
Assembly last week, businesswoman Gloria Serobe, had misled
Parliament’s communications committee, writes Linda Ensor in Business Day

If it is found that Serobe misled the committee about her lack of knowledge about who nominated her, her credibility would be dented and she would face calls to withdraw from the board.

The latest development follows revelations of political interference by African National Congress (ANC) headquarters in the committee’s selection process in order to secure the inclusion of Serobe and controversial SABC deputy chairwoman Christine Qunta, seen as a close ally of President Thabo Mbeki.

ANC MPs were ordered to include the two, in a clear violation of Parliament’s indepen-dence and integrity. The list will be sent to Mbeki for approval.

Suzanne Vos, an Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) MP, was given permission by the committee yesterday to scrutinise the transcript of its interview with Serobe to determine whether or not she said she did not know the person who had nominated her.

Vos said if so, this would contradict a statement in a Sunday newspaper interview by Louis du Plooy, a senior official in the Presidency who nominated Serobe, that he had discussed his nomination with her.

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