Investigative Journalism (A) for MA and Certificate Students
Second Semester
This course consists of two blocks:
20 August – 15 October, seven weekly seminars Monday 4-6pm
( Monday 3 and Monday 24 September – no class)



28 October – 2 November, fulltime, 9am – 5pm


Convenor: Margaret Renn, Taco Kuiper Visiting Fellow in Investigative Journalism


Investigative Journalism (A) is intended to equip a journalist with a history of investigative journalism in South Africa, a knowledge of related ethical issues and a range of investigative skills. It will provide context and practical skills for those wishing to develop an investigative perspective.

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Investigative Journalism (B) An MA and Certificate course

Second semester

This is a research-based course. Each student will undertake a piece of
journalism research. At the end of the course the research will be written up as
a report.

The research will be centered on issues in South Africa’s mining industry.

Course supervisor: Laurie Flynn, Taco Kuiper Visiting Fellow in Investigative

Dates and class times: Classes will be on Thursdays, from 4-6pm, starting on 1
September 2011. Classes will be held in Wits Journalism Department. Attendance
at all classes is compulsory.

Course outline:

i.  Defining the areas of research
ii. Lay out the proposed methods of investigation using all or any
of the following: print and broadcast archive, data analysis, freedom of
information requests, interviews, people searches, company searches, plus how to
use maps, graphics and data visualisation to present research. These first two
stages will be covered in the first two classes.
iii. Investigate the story using all or any of the above, working
with supervision, meeting to discuss progress, preparing at least one class presentation.
iv. A written research report –all research must be completed by end
October. Deadline for the report is mid-November

Read the full course outline here