Judges' reasons
The journalist takes a non-mainstream story and brings it to the centre
of debate. Through sheer persistence, the writer grabs the public and
finally gets the government to pay attention. The winning piece exposes
the greed and excesses of the rich in their pursuit of material gains
to the disregard of the poor and the detriment of the environment.

extensive and painstaking research and investigation, the journalist
spoke to all stakeholders to drive home the reality of the depletion of
one of South Africa's prized possessions – land. Although the
investigative piece focuses on the Western Cape landscape, it paints a
stark picture of the implications of denuding the poor the right to
access to land. The journalist displays depth of understanding of the
subject and brings in a passion and attention to detail that caught the
eye of the judges.

The winner is John Yeld – Cape Argus

How new apartheid is spoiling the countryside  – Cape Argus, 05 August 2004

Drinking water out for golf courses  – Cape Argus, 12 January 2005


Greens give ecologists the blues  – Cape Argus, 21 June 2004

Still time to save the garden route – Cape Argus, 7 August 2004